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Case of 20 Organic Mixed Ales
From: Natural Collection Select

Catalogue Code: 268651
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Case of 20 Organic Mixed Ales. This selection contains 5 bottles of each of the following ales -

Stroud 'Budding' Ale - 50cl 4.5%ABV - Very popular pale ale with a grassy bitterness sweet malt and luscious floral aroma. Organically brewed with no artificial preservatives flavourings or colourings. Best served cool. Silver regional winner SIBA champion bottled beer.

Samuel Smiths Pale Ale - 35cl 5%ABV - A hugely popular top-quality organic pale ale. Delightfully soft and hoppy with a long and satisfying finish.

Vintage Roots Organic Beer - 50cl 4.6%ABV - The English Target hops coupled with its unpasteurised condition give this great ale outstanding clarity of aroma and intensity of flavour.

Celt Experience Brewery - Bronze Ale - 50cl 5.4%ABV - The beer is named after the Bronze age Celts. Recent discoveries in Bavaria have shown Celtic tribes were brewing as far back as 800BC. The name Bracis-Curmi (malted beer) traces back to the ancient Celtic language or proto Celtic an age where Celts were some of the first beer producers in Europe.

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NaturalCollection.com product code: 268651

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