Duchy Originals

Duchy Originals started in out in 1990, when HRH the Prince of Wales commissioned research into the potential market for organic food. Instead of supporting ever more intensive farming methods, he wished to produce natural and organic food, produced using traditional skills and sustainable production.

This idea proved popular, and since Duchy Originals was launched with the humble oaten biscuit as its first product, their range has grown massively. They have gone from strength to strength as people opt to choose these luxurious premium quality Soil Association certified organic treats, which are farmed using methods that are good to the countryside and wildlife too.

Even better, profits made by Duchy Originals are largely used for charitable causes, and the group has grown to be the largest multi-cause charitable enterprise in the United Kingdom, raising more than £110 million annually.

The Duchy Originals slogan is that the company ‘Is Good’, it ‘Does Good’, and it ‘Tastes Good’, which really speaks for itself.

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