Katharine Hamnett

Katharine E Hamnett is the designer responsible for much of the original 80s fashion.  Claiming responsibility for the original concept of the protest slogan t-shirts and also for stonewashed denim, she could be considered one of the most copied designers in the world. Whether you love or hate her legacy, having such influence in the clothing industry puts Katharine Hamnett in an ideal place to push her ideas to the forefront, so when she decided to commence her own campaign to raise consumer awareness of issues of injustice in the clothing industry she was able to meet the issue head on by driving the demand for organic.  

The launch of her own organic cotton range was intended to help conventional cotton farmers trade their way out of poverty, as farmers can get a 50% increase in their income due to a 40% reduction in production costs combined with a premium they receive for producing organic.

This second wave of slogan t-shirts can be seen all over the media being worn by all manner of celebrities.  We invite you to join this latest trend and wear the slogan of your choice with a clear conscience.

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