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Natural Collection set out in 1999 with a vision to create a way for consumers to support sustainable innovation and great product ideas. By offering a wide selection of ecologically-considered products and services we hope to reach as wide an audience as possible. We are demonstrating that the basic power of consumer choice can make commercially viable a growing range of top quality ecological products, even within a competitive and well-established market place; products which use modern technology to harness nature’s benefits without exploiting her resources; products which can represent our 21st Century vision where trade is fair and poverty is alleviated through sustainable income generation; and ultimately and ideally, products where holistic consideration stretches right from their inception through their manufacturing process, to the benefit for the end user and eventually to their recyclability and/or bio-degradability.
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Grand Opening of The Newly Launched Natural Collection Shop

Posted by on 4th June 2009

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard on a new and improved web shop which is now open to Natural Collection customers – we hope you like our new shop as much as we do!


Natural Collection and Ethical Superstore Merge

Posted by on 19th March 2009

Delighted to announce that Natural Collection has merged with Ethical Superstore.


Dot Guides –Your Ethical Assurance

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Every product we sell has one of our special Dots associated with it. Each stands for one of the key aspects of our approach – Eco, Organic, Fair and Sustainable Trade, Natural Living and Well Being. These dots are then shown throughout the website and our print catalogue so you can see exactly why we’ve included the product in our range. Every product is scrutinized in detail and we take expert advice to make sure we only bring you the best products that make the biggest contribution to our aims.
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You can email us at enquiries@naturalcollection.com or phone us on 0333 400 0463.

Our address is:
Natural Collection
Spark Etail Ltd
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Phone: 0333 400 0463
Fax: 0845-0099 017
Phone (outside of the UK): +44-191 418 8256

Email: enquiries@naturalcollection.com

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