Packaging & Sustainability

The sustainability of the packaging we use is just as important to us as the products we sell. We are committed to reducing our plastic footprint and making our processes and materials as sustainable as possible.

We aim to reuse as many cardboard boxes as we can, sending your orders out in boxes that have been used to deliver and store stock in our warehouse – you’ll see a stocker on these boxes letting you know that they have been recycled. Otherwise we use completely recyclable cardboard boxes and brown paper bags.

To keep your new purchases safe during transit, we use a mix of brown paper, recycled void fill and a paper alternative to bubble wrap as well as paper tape.

Our delivery notes included in your order are printed on recycled paper and the catalogues we send out in Spring and Autumn/Winter are printed on FSC certified paper from sustainable sources using vegetable based inks and by a printer accredited with ISO14001 for environmental management.

We also offer a gift wrapping service using recycled paper.

Less Waste

We take a zero waste approach in all aspects of our processes, and have successfully achieved our target of sending 0 waste to landfill. Instead, 100% of our waste is recycled either traditionally or to create energy to power other activities.

When it comes to damaged products, either accidentally in our warehouse or those returned back to us, we won’t simply dispose of them. We work closely with The People’s Kitchen, donating anything we can to the charitable organisation, and anything they can’t use will be passed on to The West End Food Bank in Newcastle.

Anything that can’t be accepted by the People’s Kitchen or the West End Food Bank will be offered to our staff at reduced prices to raise money for our chosen charities. You can find out more about our work with charities here.