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We believe Natural Collection can only be truly ethical if it allows its customers to have a big say in running the store. So, we’ve built some features to allow customers to get involved in our community and positively influence the ethical shopping experience for others.

In our community, you can post e-Views which can include image or video links to add impact to your posting. Visitors can rate e-Views as helpful or passionate - what we call kudos – which we share with visitors as a way of having the cream rise to surface. If you have a question about a product, you can post it on the site for our products experts to answer and share with other visitors.

One of our newest features is the ability to assign products to public or private lists. Private lists are a great way to manage wish lists and shopping lists while public lists are an opportunity to show your ethical shopping personality to other visitors, from "cool eco gadget” to “fair trade favourites".

All of your community content is shared on your public page on the site for other visitors to view. Public pages are an easy way to see all a members’ e-Views, lists, and questions, and can even include a summary profile about a member and an image representation of them (photograph, avatar, etc.). In the community section, you can find all e-Views and lists that have been posted to the site, and even search for member public profiles.

To learn more about participating in our community please follow these links:

We have many more ideas for new features to incorporate into our community. Please let us know if you have ideas you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us.