Fairtrade Fortnight 2012

It's our favourite time of the year once more! This year, the Fairtrade Foundation is urging us all to ‘Take a step' for Fairtrade and pledge 1,500,00 steps from you, your company or group to promote Fairtrade in the UK. We'll be submitting our steps today, take your first steps and submit yours to help this year's Fairtrade Fortnight be the most successful so far!

And we're offering £5 off orders over £50 all throughout Fairtrade Fortnight* when you use promo code XFTF12 - so there's never been a better time to buy your Fairtrade favourites and take your first step for Fairtrade.

What steps can I take?

Because you're reading this, you've probably already taken a step! Trying, buying, selling or telling about Fairtrade are all steps we can take as individuals and organisations to spread the message of Fairtrade. We've put together a few steps you can take to help this year's Fairtrade Fortnight. Once you've done one or more, then visit the website and add your step!

Step 1 - Buy a Fairtrade Product
Switch your biscuits, your cola, your soap, baby clothes, pants, chocolates, coffee or tea to Fairtrade by choosing from our range of over 350 Fairtrade products.
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Step 2 - Convert to Fairtrade
Switch your workplace or group to Fairtrade labelled alternatives to tea, coffee and sugar and make great savings when you buy in bulk while buying Fairtrade.
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Step 3 - Take part in a Fairtrade show
Fairtrade fashion is becoming ever more popular, don your Fairtrade favourites and show your label loud and host your own Fairtrade fashion show for Fairtrade fortnight.
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Step 4 - Stock up on Fairtrade
Save up to 30% when stocking up your shop, stall or place of work and take a step to supporting Fairtrade when you buy Chocolate, biscuits, coffee, and condiments in bulk.
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Step 5 - Support the Campaign
Download, print and share a wealth of resources from the Fairtrade foundation to help get set for Fairtrade fortnight and further spread the word about taking a step!
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Step 6 - Talk About Fairtrade
Visit us on Facebook and talk to us and your friends about Fairtrade and what they can do to help. Share this page with your friends and encourage them to take their step!
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* expires Noon Monday 12th March 2012