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Product e-View Guidelines

We’re really delighted when anyone takes an interest in writing a customer e-View. We welcome your views on the products we sell, and want your comments to be read by fellow Natural Collection customers. It is our firm belief that your contribution enriches the quality of our website.

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What to include

Try and make your e-View as informative and detailed as possible. The best e-Views include not only whether you liked or disliked the product, but also why.

Remember your feelings when you were first considering buying the product. What information in a e-View would have been helpful to you as you decided to purchase the item?

Your e-View should be a genuine e-View of the product itself, and should not focus on your experience in buying the product or having it delivered.*

*We’re always trying to improve what we do and invite you to give us feedback on non-product issues, e.g. delivery, availability, packaging and our level of customer service directly. Contact us.

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What not to include

We moderate all e-Views before featuring them on our website, in order to save you valuable time and effort, please note that we cannot post:

• Content that is not specific to the item being e-Viewed.

• Content that focuses on non-product issues, e.g. delivery, packaging or availability.*

• Content that contains derogatory comments directed towards other e-Viewers.

• Content that will infringe upon the material, trademarks or intellectual property (e.g. copyright, trademark, privacy or trade secrets) of others.

• Content that contains information on other companies e.g. product availability, pricing or ordering.

• Content that might be considered sexually gratuitous, profane, unlawful, defamatory, libellous, abusive, incendiary, racially or sexually offensive, or obscene.

• Content that impersonates someone else.

• Spamming or advertising.

• Personal information about anyone (including yourself), e.g. phone numbers, postal addresses or credit card numbers.

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Natural Collection reserves the right to remove or refuse to post any customer e-View it considers inappropriate.

Customer comments and e-Views are an integral part of our website, and something we value a great deal. We hope to read your e-View shortly!

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