Moltex Supply Issues

We have recently been informed by our Moltex nappy supplier of a Europe-wide problem affecting the supply of Moltex branded products.  This is currently affecting some lines of Moltex products that are listed on our website and is expected to affect more lines as 2014 progresses.

As we are aware of this issue and the fact it will be ongoing, we felt it pertinent to provide suitable alternatives to Moltex products by introducing you to the other eco nappy brands that we provide.

Free from artificial perfumes and lotions, Bambo’s range of Nature nappies are kind to your baby’s skin, and gentle on the environment too. These disposable nappies are a better eco-friendly option than many conventional nappies, biodegradable for your convenience, and minimising waste than gets sent to landfill. Available in different sizes for different ages, these nappies will keep both you and your child smiling. 

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Proud to be at the forefront of sustainable baby care, Naty by Nature Babycare specialises in high quality, naturally produced nappies amongst other health and cleanliness products. 100% chlorine, latex and plastic free, each Nature Babycare product is made from a combination of natural tree pulp and maize derivatives, with high levels of biodegradability to protect and maintain our environment.  Cheaper than many eco-friendly children's products on the market, Nature Babycare is recommended by the Swedish Asthma & Allergy Association and are taking the world by storm.

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Beaming baby was set up to provide a choice of organic and natural baby products to the UK consumer. Established in 2000 it has gone on to become a leading baby care retailer offering products including disposable nappies, organic wipes and organic cream.

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