Revitalise Your Life

Revitalise Your Life
  One      Get Fit in 2008.
Make sure you wear comfortable workout gear .
  Two     Read a good book. ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman’ packed with lots of useful information or get lost in the adventure of ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’.
  Three     Detox for Body. Firefly is a revitalizing tonic, with a host of detoxifying herbs.
  Four     Get more sleep.
One of our best sellers is the Badger bedtime kit for sleepy badgers.
  Five     Eat less red meat.
Here’s a great little book of vegetarian recipes.
  Six     Pamper yourself with something new from our natural body care range.
  Seven     Watch less TV.
Turn it off at the wall, or get a standy buster.
  Eight     Say no to plastic bags.
Make sure you carry a reusable bag when you’re out and about.
  Nine     Eat more fruit and vegetables.
Try out our organic box delivery service.
  Ten     Detox your home with eco friendly cleaning products.
Save on packaging with our Ecover bulk buy products.