ALT. stands out as a distinguished Norwegian company celebrated for its award-winning non-alcoholic wines crafted from premium raw materials. Focused on delivering character, complexity, and authentic flavours, ALT. takes pride in its organically produced wines, free from added flavourings or concentrates—just a pure, honest product with a concise list of ingredients. Breaking new ground, ALT. Drinks combines traditional winemaking methods with innovative technology to produce what they believe to be the most flavourful dealcoholized sparkling wine on the market.
Their meticulous process begins with hand-harvested, organically grown grapes that undergo pressing and fermentation in stainless steel containers. The wine is then delicately de-alcoholised using a method that includes vacuum distillation at low temperatures, preserving the wine's original flavours and aromas. ALT. was founded on the principle that everyone, regardless of their reason for abstaining from alcohol, deserves a non-alcoholic alternative that matches the taste and experience of traditional wines. In 2020, they set out to create a range of uncompromising, alcohol-free sparkling wines, resulting in an award-winning lineup made exclusively from 100% certified organic grapes and sugar. ALT. Drinks is committed to promoting sustainable and healthy farming practices, ensuring a premium, guilt-free wine alternative for all.