Coffee Notes

Introducing Coffeenotes, where sustainability meets style in stationery. Founded by Sarah and Mark in 1991, Coffeenotes embodies their passion for sustainability, forged through a commitment to recycling and repurposing in family life and business. Inspired by a discovery of Cupcycling™, a process that transforms coffee cups into paper, they embarked on a journey to create a truly sustainable stationery range during lockdown in 2020.

Today, Coffeenotes offers high-quality writing paper crafted from UK and EU suppliers, ideal for fountain pens and sketching. Reflecting the joy of coffee moments, Coffeenotes notebooks feature a signature cream paper, available in Grande, Medio, and Piccolo sizes. With minimalist design elements and flexible layouts, our stationery balances function and style, allowing the papers and their circular stories to speak for themselves.