UP-UP was created to address the deep-seated issues within the chocolate industry, where feel-good treats often hide a dark reality of exploitation and poverty. Many workers, including children, are forced to labour under poor conditions for minimal pay, sacrificing education and well-being. UP-UP aims to reshape this narrative by fostering a HUMAN FIRST chocolate industry that values people above profit and opportunity above exploitation. What sets UP-UP apart is its commitment to a 100% slave-free cocoa supply chain, verified through its partnership with slavefreetrade.org. This certification ensures not only the traceability of the cocoa beans but also the fair treatment of every worker involved. As the world’s first slave-free chocolate, UP-UP shines a light on every aspect of its production process, ensuring fairness and honesty. Their mission is to eliminate exploitation from the chocolate industry, allowing consumers to indulge in their products with a clear conscience. UP-UP offers great chocolate with no downside, dedicated to making you feel good about what you eat and the lives it touches.