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Your generosity has helped us raise a huge amount for charity:

Thank you

  Charity name Donations in 2018Total of £58,411
Disasters Emergency Committee logo DEC - Disasters Emergency Committee
Whale and Dolphin Conservation  Whale and Dolphin Conservation
Trees for Life logo Carbon Offset: Trees for Life £20,077
Medecins sans Frontieres - Doctors Without Borders Medecins sans Frontieres £6,350.07
RSPCA logo RSPCA £2,286.50
Newcastle Food Bank Newcastle Food Bank £7,311.51
Amnesty International Amnesty International £2,430.23
Total of £58,411

None of this would be possible without our fantastic customers and your support. So on behalf of all of the charities above, and all of the people and animals you have helped - THANK YOU!