Natural, Organic Anti-Ageing Skin Care from Green People

Despite such a wide range of anti-ageing creams and serums available today, it’s increasingly difficult to find a suitable anti-ageing cosmetics range that is made with natural ingredients that care for your skin rather than coating it in potentially irritating chemicals. We all want natural, sustainable skin care that works just as well as those well known brands, especially skin care targeted to specific skin types.

Well, of course we have the answer in the form of the new Age Defy+ range from Green People. It is designed specifically for women aged over 35 to help defy the signs of ageing by combining nature and science to deeply hydrate, nourish and balance mature skin. Green People uses certified organic and, where possible, fair trade ingredients in their products, which means they are both environmentally and people friendly. The range includes the UK’s first certified organic DD cream, a tinted moisturiser that uses natural earth mineral pigments that adapt to compliment your skin tone along with sea fennel stem cells to stimulate cell renewal and hydrate the skin, unlike regular make up that can leave your face feeling dry and uncomfortable.

Green People uses natural formulas free from parabens, SLS and other nasty chemicals that can potentially leave your skin feeling irritated with prolonged use. Each product in the range is enriched with beauty enhancing actives to hydrate the skin and improve elasticity whilst promoting cell regeneration, and because there are no harsh chemicals added, the products are gently nourishing – suitable for all skin types.

Green People has been creating natural and organic skin, body, hair, beauty and baby care products since 1997, all suitable for those with specific skin conditions that can prevent them from using regular cosmetics. The company has a strict cruelty free policy and most of the range is suitable for vegans, although you might find beeswax or honey in certain products so make sure to double check whether we’ve tagged the product as vegan!

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