Natural & Organic Winter Skin Care

Winter is upon us! The days are only going to get colder while the heating is on full blast in almost every building you step in to. If you’re like me than you’ve probably noticed a change in your complexion, maybe your skin is feeling a little drier than usual and looking duller – it’s probably due to the change in weather. Not only is the cold particularly harsh on your skin but the drastic change in climate going from outdoors to indoors doesn’t help either, and having the heating on inside really dries out the air and your skin.



Exfoliating is important because it removes a build up of dead skin giving you a soft base, and during winter your skin can get dry and flaky, and these dead skin cells can stop your moisturiser being fully absorbed. However, it is recommended you only exfoliate up to twice a week – too much can be bad for your skin, like scrubbing too hard. Try this gorgeous facial exfoliator from Antipodes, made with natural and organic ingredients that are not tested on animals.

Cleanse & Tone


Cleansing your skin is great for thoroughly removing make up and impurities, rather than just taking your make up off with a wipe. Cleanse twice a day – morning and evening – to keep your skin dirt free and prevent a build up that can lead to break outs. I recommend Organic Surge Hot Cloth Cleanser, made with natural ingredients it is certified organic. Buy the cloth here.

I wouldn’t say that applying a good toner is an essential part of your morning/nightly routine, but when I use toner my skin feels incredibly soft and I would really recommend it. Toning purifies the skin after cleansing while also tightening your pores for a clearer complexion. Skin Blossom toner is made with 97% organic ingredients, free from harmful ingredients that can irritate your skin. None of our skin care is tested on animals.


yes-to-carrotsMoisturising in the morning and evening is essential in winter, especially if you suffer from dry skin. Treat yourself to a rich night cream that will offer intense hydration as you sleep, the time when your skin is repairing itself – it’s also best to apply any oils serums in the evening. Try a lighter moisturiser for during the day that’s not too heavy for your skin but still hydrates! We have a great range of skin care including day cream and night cream from Yes To which uses natural and organic ingredients to create affordable, high quality products.

Drink Plenty of Water

The best way to look after your skin is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water all year round – not just in Summer! Ideally for overall health we should drink up to 2 litres of water per day to keep properly hydrated. I find that if I do actually drink more than a litre of water a day for at least a week my skin starts to clear up and feels much softer with fewer dry patches. These bobble bottles filter your water as you drink it, so there’s no need to buy wasteful bottled water, saving plastic and money!


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  1. Id love to try the reincarnation facial scrub it sounds good and bet it feels nice too.

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