A change to our Standard Delivery option

From 23rd March we will be changing our rates for standard delivery from £3.95 to £4.95. We wanted to be totally up front with this and explain our reasoning and show you what goes on behind the scenes in getting your order, picked, packed and shipped safely to you.

What has changed?

For the last decade we have set our Standard Delivery at £3.95 which was based on the overall cost at the time for picking, packing, packaging and shipping. However over the last 10 years all of these have increased year on year however we have not increased what we charge for postage and packaging.

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What is Closed Loop Recycling?

You may have heard the term ‘closed loop recycling’ but do you know what it really means? Well let’s take a look and you may be surprised that you may have already recycled in a closed loop system!

First let’s look at open loop recycling, this is what you will probably imagine when you think of recycling, it’s what you do when you take your recycling out to be picked up by the council. If you do this regularly and check packaging to see if it is recyclable you will probably know how problematic this could be, are all the items you see in the recycle bins actually recyclable and one council may accept certain items where others do not based on the local recycling capabilities. With an open loop system a product is recycled into a different product, for example a plastic drinks bottle may be recycled into shoes, sleeping bags or jackets.

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