Baobab – the natural hangover cure?

Packed with energy-boosting essential nutrients, just a couple of teaspoons of our favourite Aduna Baobab superfruit powder in your breakfast smoothie, juice, yoghurt or porridge can help with that Christmas overindulgence. It’s a great source of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals too, great for your skin (New Year’s Eve party anyone?), immune system and general health. Continue reading Baobab – the natural hangover cure?

Eco Disposable Nappies from Moltex

Our nappies from Moltex have had a little make over – but they are still the same eco-friendly nappies we know and love! I have a 16 month old nephew who has been wearing Moltex nappies since the beginning of the year (he’s just grown into size 4!). My sister likes to Use Moltex because they are better for the environment, perform just as well as non-eco brands and are about the same price anyway!

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Natural & Organic Winter Skin Care

Winter is upon us! The days are only going to get colder while the heating is on full blast in almost every building you step in to. If you’re like me than you’ve probably noticed a change in your complexion, maybe your skin is feeling a little drier than usual and looking duller – it’s probably due to the change in weather. Not only is the cold particularly harsh on your skin but the drastic change in climate going from outdoors to indoors doesn’t help either, and having the heating on inside really dries out the air and your skin.

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