Protect yourself with natural sun care

It’s finally reached that time of year in the UK when we all dash outside for a couple of days of sun, optimistically proclaiming that “this is probably all the summer we’ll get”…and the amount of sunburn I see from people who should know better by now amazes me every year!

I’m fair skinned and blonde, and learned many years ago I burn very quickly (10 minutes in the South African sun gave me a glowing pink scalp) even aside from the obvious skin cancer and premature ageing risks to my skin, so a good sunscreen is my best friend! I started looking for a more natural alternative as all ‘mainstream’ suncreams, even the very expensive ones, give me painful heat rash wherever my skin touches – inner elbow, back of the knees etc – even when it’s not that warm. My mother suggested I try a natural suncream after she had the same issues, and we were thrilled to find it worked without any skin irritation!

Natural sun care you’ll love:

We have several great natural, cruelty-free, preservative-free brands here at Natural Collection, so you’re sure to find the suncare to suit you:

For kids:

Don’t forget the travel sizes:
Perfectly sized for the 100ml liquids carry-on restriction if you’re flying, or just handy for keeping in a handbag, Green People travel sizes mean you can be protected wherever you go.

We’d love to hear what your favourite natural suncare is – let us know your favourites and your tips for this summer!

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