Scrubbingtons – washing solutions for mud magnets everywhere!

Scrubbingtons was created by two friends who wondered why they were still washing their children using bubble bath with a picture of a baby on the front when their children were not babies anymore, and why their children were not washing themselves? And that was how Scrubbingtons was born!

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Sustainable Nappies from Eco by Naty

Choosing the right nappies for your little one is important. Babies are so delicate and prone to rashes and often times it’s due to the chemical ingredients of cheap nappies. The nappy range from Eco by Naty has been designed to not only work without the toxic chemicals, but also lower your carbon footprint in the process. Continue reading Sustainable Nappies from Eco by Naty

NEW Baby & Kids Bath & Body Care from Ecozone

Ecozone have always been known to offer high quality, eco-friendly household cleaning alternatives, and have now introduced a range of baby & kids bath & bodycare so you can bathe your little ones safe in the knowledge that you aren’t using any harsh chemicals. Continue reading NEW Baby & Kids Bath & Body Care from Ecozone

Supporting Whale & Dolphin Conservation

Did you know there are over 80 types of whales and dolphins? Whale and Dolphin Conservation (known as WDC) is the leading global charity dedicated to their conservation and protection. WDC defends these amazing creatures against the many threats they face – via campaigns, lobbying, conservation projects, advising governments, field research and animal rescue. Their vision is a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. Continue reading Supporting Whale & Dolphin Conservation

Creative kids – entertain them in the school holidays

Keeping kids of any age entertained in the school summer holidays can be a challenge, especially if you don’t want to see them buried behind an iPad screen for the 6 weeks! We’ve got some lovely creative toys and activities that your family will love to play with.

Natural and creative toys

Meet Gina Giraffe and Mandy Monkey – adorable soft toys from our Fairtrade favourite, Traidcraft. They come with a selection of lovely hand-loomed cotton outfits to encourage play and imagination – and they’re currently half price!

We’re also big fans of Seedling creative play kits (pictured above) – from making your own fun bow and arrow or a cute owl bag, to spotting nature in the wild or even playing the Great Detective, your child will have something to occupy even the most boring rainy day.

If they love their cars, planes, trains, helicopters or even flowers then check out Green Toys, amazing BPA-free recycled and colourful plastic toys that are good for the planet and their imagination. You’ll also be glad to hear that they don’t need batteries as they’re free from patience-testing noises and constant flashing lights…

Green Toys - 100% recycled BPA-free children's toys

How about 4M Kidz Labs science inspired sets for the slightly older kids? From weather stations to recycled paper beads there’s a fun and educational hands-on set for every child (and you won’t mind having a go yourself).

4M Kidz Labs eco science toys

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