Tips to Reduce Household Waste

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – a mantra we’ve all heard, and for the younger generations, three words drummed into you practically from birth, and for good reason too! Millions of tons of household waste ends up in landfill sites every year, with a lot of that actually being recyclable! Here are some tips to reduce your household waste so we can all work together towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle! Continue reading Tips to Reduce Household Waste

Vegan Shoes

When it comes to fashion for vegans the rules are quite simple – no leather, no wool, no silk, no fur – and there are plenty of options to choose from as many pieces are made from cotton or polyester, and you can get faux leather or faux fur. Stereotypically vegan shoes are ‘ugly’ and unsuitable for the fashion conscious – is this why people shun them so much?

I can absolutely say with 100% confidence that not all vegan shoes are ugly, you can see from the images in this post just how pretty vegan shoes can be! Continue reading Vegan Shoes

Summer Ready Skin from Antipodes

The dull weather might fool you, but summer is actually on it’s way, remember when it was incredibly warm for a day about two weeks ago? There’s your proof that it is going to get better soon! So it’s definitely past time that you get your summer skin routine sorted with help from Antipodes for a healthy, glowing complexion right up until the cold comes back!

Continue reading Summer Ready Skin from Antipodes

Recipe – Baked Peaches with Sweet Olive & Fig

This fabulous recipe for Baked Peaches with Sweet Olive, Fig & Almond Relish comes from our friends at Olive Branch, a fantastic range of authentic Greek mezze, relishes and olives. You may associate olives with savoury dishes only, so this wonderful dessert is a real surprise and definitely worth making. It’s so easy! Continue reading Recipe – Baked Peaches with Sweet Olive & Fig