Fish4Ever – More Sustainable Fish & Seafood

Fish4Ever is an independent fish & seafood brand that specialises in line and pole caught fish, using sustainable methods that support local employment and economies in the fishing areas. It’s brands like Fish4Ever that are offering real, ethical alternatives to big brands that care more about profit than sustainability, using destructive methods to catch fish.


Fish4Ever has an idea of how far sustainable actions should go. Big Businesses may claim their products are sustainable, but their standards only go as far as managing total fish stocks and improving their methods. This ignores the needs of local fishermen who lose out to Big Businesses, and Fish4Ever knows that sustainability needs to include sustainable work for everyone, to help the economy of these fishing areas. You can find out more in the video below:

Fish4Ever source their fish from small boats and local fishermen who use selective methods such as Pole and Line to ensure that the discard of fish and the bycatch of other species is avoided.

Small boats tend to be locally based and will fish locally, which means the benefit is passed on to these local communities. A good, small boat doesn’t fish illegally either, and respects its workers.

Sea Action

Sea Action is Fish4Ever’s own logo to describe the choices made and action taken. The brand does not stop at just providing consumers with the choice of sustainably caught fish and seafood, it also works hard to change the industry, with campaigns against illegal fishing and to improve the global tuna industry.

You can find out more about sustainable fishing methods in the video from Greenpeace below which shows Fishermen in the Maldives catching skipjack tuna by pole and line:

Not only to Fish4Ever strive to be a sustainable brand, they also work tirelessly to raise awareness of the issues surrounding unsustainable fishing methods, not only the impact it has on the environment, but also how it can affect people.

Choosing Fish4Ever means choosing sustainability and that’s why we love them. That and the fact that they come second in Ethical Consumer’s league table for Tuna, with an Ethiscore of 14.5 out of 20.

Last week we posted a recipe for Tuna pasta bake, made with Fish4Ever Skipjack Tuna in brine, you can read it here.