Three tips for finding the perfect ‘Thoughtful Gift’ this Christmas

Christmas is a magical season of sharing and celebration, but the task of finding the perfect gift for someone you love can be daunting and stressful, making Christmas shopping a chore rather than a pleasure.

No-one plans to grab a last minute gift, but often it ends up the only solution as the day approaches and we struggle to find a truly thoughtful gift that has meaning for the recipient.

Finding inspiration for a ‘thoughtful gift’ can be difficult and we all approach it in different ways.

  • Maybe you automatically think of something related to the recipient’s hobbies or interests.
  • Perhaps you think of something personalised or unique.
  • Does it conjure up something that will help the person grow and become their best?
  • Or perhaps you’re confused as to whether you should get something practical they need or something frivolous and fun.


Fortunately we’re have a new brand who are here to help! Mosami have thoughtfulness at the heart of their business with their range of Fairtrade, ethical silver jewellery.

Mosami asked their trusted band of expert ‘thoughtful gifters’ to share tips on finding truly personal gift ideas. Here are their top three tips to help make your Christmas search a little easier:

1. Keep an inspiration notebook throughout the year

You’ll reduce your chances of finding that perfect thoughtful gift if you rush to the shops on Christmas Eve, so set yourself the goal of being a gift detective throughout the year. A conversation with a friend about a particular issue they are facing, a course they are studying or their latest interest can spark ideas. Keep a notebook of inspiration throughout the year. Or if you’ve only got a month left, give them a call and ask about the best parts of their year!

2. It’s really is about the thought, not the cost

The thought really does count. We all know deep down that a budget-friendly gift that really hits the mark is better received than something extravagant that doesn’t match our values.

Research conducted by Stanford University shows the value of a gift to be less important than the gift itself, and that givers and receivers have converse beliefs about the importance of monetary value.

So don’t worry about the price, focus on thoughtfulness and the cost becomes irrelevant. The Mosami range starts at just £49

3. What’s going to be happening in their year ahead?

As well as picking up hints and ideas throughout the year in the run up to Christmas, think about what’s coming up in 2016 for your recipient.

Is she off to travel the world? About to embark on single life after a 20 year relationship? Are her children leaving the nest? Is she facing a health issue? Has she signed up to be a mature student at University?

Mosami’s expert gift finders all said they try to find a gift that demonstrates care and understanding, and strengthens their connection to the recipient. They look for gifts that increase the recipient’s wellbeing in some way.

The Mosami collection offers lots of inspiration – delicate Wild Garlic earrings as a wish for good health, New Beginnings hare pendant to wish success in a new venture, or sweet Snowdrop charm necklace to wish hope and optimism for someone in the midst of a challenge.

Mosami Fairtrade SilverOr if your recipient would find inspiration in the wise words of Mother Theresa, choose the beautiful Fairtrade Words to Live By cuff engraved with the words ‘Do small things with great love’.

Our conclusion is this: the thought definitely counts, but more than just the thought, it’s the fact that the recipient feels loved and cared about that makes a gift extra-special and treasured for a lifetime.

And there’s something in it for you too. On top of a happy recipient, the feeling of giving an appreciated gift can’t be beaten, because research shows our brains perceive the act of giving to be a positive reward!

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