Eco Disposable Nappies from Moltex

Our nappies from Moltex have had a little make over – but they are still the same eco-friendly nappies we know and love! I have a 16 month old nephew who has been wearing Moltex nappies since the beginning of the year (he’s just grown into size 4!). My sister likes to Use Moltex because they are better for the environment, perform just as well as non-eco brands and are about the same price anyway!


Babies love Moltex nappies because they are gentle against the skin with a Comfort Stretch elastic waistband. Mother’s love Moltex nappies because they are super absorbent and dry to the touch. The environment loves Moltex nappies because they are made with FSC certified materials meaning they can come from responsibly managed forests.

With babies going through around 5,000 before potty training, it is important that disposable nappies are made with the most eco-friendly materials and will not leave too much of a negative impact on the environment. The cellulose used in Moltex nappies is responsibly and sustainably sourced so has little impact on forests – you know this because the nappies are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Moltex nappies are also approximately 70% biodegradable which makes them a lot more environmentally friendly than regular disposables.

We know that the most important thing when choosing a nappy is how good it is for your baby, so it’s good to know that Moltex nappies are free from chlorine, latex and fragrances so are completely safe and minimise  the risk of a rash.

Have you tried Moltex nappies? What are your thoughts on eco disposables?