Sustainable Fashion

If you browse our fashion range you’ll hopefully notice a theme – it’s made from sustainable materials. But what is a sustainable material, and why does it matter what your clothes are made of? Our shopping habits have changed over the last decade, we are buying more clothes than ever, and it’s having an impact on our environment. Sustainable materials are those that have minimal environmental impact when they are grown, made and degrade, typically the clothes made from these materials last longer too.

Organic Cotton

Typically cotton seeds are treated with chemicals before they are even planted, and then chemical pesticides and fertilisers are used during the growing process to maximise production. Organic Cotton is grown completely naturally, which protects the soil in the long run and brings farmers better harvests and a bigger income. Many will plant other crops in between cotton harvests to improve soil structure which ensures harvests are often plentiful. The cotton is then spun into yarn and used to make clothing that is super soft and higher in quality than clothes made with regularly grown cotton – and there’s absolutely no chemical residues.


New technologies have been developed to make bamboo into a usable fabric for clothing. The cellulose is made into a viscose rayon material that can be used to make beautiful clothing that is soft and sustainable. Not only does bamboo grow faster than other crops, it can be grown on land unsuitable for forestry using a fraction of the amount of water needed for other materials. Bamboo is a great material for clothing because it can cool you down when you get too hot, or warm you up when you’re too cold! We love these bamboo socks from Braintree because they are super soft, super comfortable and have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


Hemp is another sustainable material used to make clothing. While it may conjure images of scratchy, uncomfortable and unfashionable clothes, that couldn’t be further than the truth! The clothes we sell such as hemp shirts from Braintree are soft and stylish, perfect for everyday wear. Why is it so great for the environment? It doesn’t need pesticides to grow, it needs minimal water to thrive and it helps to improve soil quality. It’s good for you because it’s stronger than cotton which means it stays strong and gets softer wash after wash, it’s also hypoallergenic so it’s comfortable for sensitive skin, it’s UV resistant and it’s thermo-regulating so it will keep you warm or cool depending on your needs – much in the same way as bamboo.

Make the right choice when it comes to your clothes and choose sustainable pieces that will remain part of your wardrobe for years to come and won’t cost the earth.

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