Mosami Jewellery

Finding that perfect piece of jewellery that you can’t stop wearing makes you both look and feel great, but knowing the jewellery has come from a good place, made with love and care is even better! Mosami make sure all of their jewellery is ethically sourced. They work alongside exceptional jewellery designers from the UK to create fashionable and timeless pieces of jewellery.

Mosami don’t just work with UK designers, to create the actual jewellery they work with many family businesses in Thailand who handcraft the jewellery. The workshops are visited regularly by Mosami so they know the teams very well and so that they can check everything is okay. However some jewellery is made in other places such as their Amity bracelets which are made in Kenya by womens’ enterprises in developing communities.

So Mosami jewellery is really made with love and care, just like their name. ‘Sami’ means ‘love’ in native Peruvian and ‘MO’ is an abbreviation for ‘modus operandi’. So overall their name actually means ‘made with love’.

Now we know a bit more about Mosami, let’s have a look at some of their products:

Firstly 335329-MOSAMI-FRANGIPANI-LOYALTY-NECKLACEwe have the Frangipani ‘Loyalty’ Pendant Necklace. Made by women’s charity ‘Made By Survivors’, this charity rescue women from slavery and then teach them valuable skills like silversmithing, which will help them work and support their family. This necklace is made from recycled sterling silver featuring a drop of gold in the flower’s centre. The frangipani flower signifies gratitude, loyalty and respect in traditional Hindu and Buddhist devotions.


Secondly we have the Forget Me Not ‘Friendship’ Pendant Necklace. This necklace was again made by ‘Made By Survivors’ and produced using recycled sterling silver. Forgot-Me-Nots often return time and time again once they’ve been planted, which is where they get their association of loyalty from, they’re seen as a symbol for true love and friendship.

We love Mosami, what do you think?