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A change to our Standard Delivery option

From 23rd March we will be changing our rates for standard delivery from £3.95 to £4.95. We wanted to be totally up front with this and explain our reasoning and show you what goes on behind the scenes in getting your order, picked, packed and shipped safely to you.

What has changed?

For the last decade we have set our Standard Delivery at £3.95 which was based on the overall cost at the time for picking, packing, packaging and shipping. However over the last 10 years all of these have increased year on year however we have not increased what we charge for postage and packaging.

As new more eco-friendly packaging options have become available we have chosen to use these to minimize the impact your order has on the environment. We have never cut corners on packaging by opting for cheaper less environmentally friendly options and we do not want to change this approach.

Because we have such a wide variety of items on the site, from fashion and Jewellery to homewares and cleaning products, this means some orders are very small and lightweight with only a few items whereas others can be large, heavy and with a large number of individual items. Of course these can also be mixed so we could have an order with a bracelet and 15 litre bulk cleaning product, which of course makes packing the order more challenging so all of the products are safely packaged to avoid any damage to your lovely items. Because of this the average cost of picking, packing and shipping an order is considerably more than £3.95. To reflect this we are now increasing the cost of Standard Delivery to £4.95. Next Day Delivery costs will remain the same.  

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