Care for dry skin with Green People organic skincare

Natural care for dry skin

We have a handy guide to caring for dry skin, courtesy of our friends at Green People. For people with dry skin, sometimes using an everyday moisturiser isn’t enough, no matter how rich the ingredients are – I have personal experience with this, and know that caring for dry skin can be pretty time-consuming, and upsetting when nothing seems to work. One of my favourite brands, Green People were actually formed by founder Charlotte Vøhtz when her young daughter Sandra was battling skin allergies and eczema.

Green People have put together some easy tips and tricks to help you tackle skin dryness. You will also discover their brilliant natural and organic skin care, trusted by thousands of people to care for their skin. I’m a big fan of their products with everything from sun care to facial oil!

1. Improve skin from within

It’s not just what you drink that helps to keep your skin hydrated – you can also improve your diet to help maintain skin’s natural moisture levels. Omega oils like Omega 3, 6 & 9 are naturally occurring in foods such as oily fish, flax seeds and hemp seeds, and contain high levels of beneficial fatty acids. These natural fatty acids have been proven to reduce inflammation in the skin and help to prevent trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), keeping your skin hydration levels in check. Why not try adding a tablespoon of flax seeds to a smoothie or juice in the morning to give your body a natural, vegan-friendly Omega boost? Plus, make sure you drink plenty of water.

2. Scrubs aren’t just for oily skin

For anyone who believes that exfoliating is just for oily or blemish-prone skin, you may be missing a trick. While scrubs are great for unblocking pores and reducing spots, regular exfoliation is also essential for people with dry skin. Gentle exfoliation 2-3 times a week helps to speed up cell turnover, increase skin radiance and boost the absorption and effectiveness of your moisturisers, oils and serums. I do this every week and always notice a difference!

Gentle exfoliation is beneficial for all skin types, but some scrubs can be too harsh on sensitive skin, and may contain drying ingredients such as alcohol, SLS and petrochemicals. If you have dry skin, try using a natural, microbead-free scrub such as Green People Fruit Scrub Exfoliator. This certified organic scrub is gentle on sensitive skin – apricot seed powder helps slough off dead, dull and dry skin cells to reveal a smooth, glowing complexion, and it’s suitable for using on the face too. For older skin, try the Age Defy+ Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator. You can also use a gentle Green People body wash with a gentle natural bath sponge from the Konjac Sponge Co.

Green People products

3. Understand pH balance

The most important step in any skin care regime is cleansing – without getting rid of all the daily grime, impurities and make-up, our skin can become clogged, irritated and dry. But all cleansers are not created equal; using soap and water to cleanse your face may do more harm than good, especially if you have dry skin. I personally cannot use an ordinary soap, and can feel my skin drying out immediately, becoming sore and painful quite quickly!

Your skin’s natural pH level is slightly acidic, but soap is alkaline. Using something alkaline on your skin can throw it out of balance and damage the acid mantle (your skin’s natural protection against external aggressors), literally stripping your skin of its protective oils. This can lead to dryness, irritation and inflammation as your skin is left exposed and unable to retain as much moisture.

Green People products are carefully formulated to compliment the skin’s natural pH-balance. They don’t use drying alcohol, SLS or soap in any cleansers – instead they’re packed with hydrating, nourishing plant actives that work in harmony with all skin types. For dry skin, try the Age Defy+ Cleanse & Soothe Balm, a rich, solid balm cleanser that melts away impurities and makeup, locks in moisture and promotes cell regeneration. I don’t see any dryness with this product, and my skin feels super nourished afterwards – plus, a little goes a long way.

4. How to layer your skin care

When applied incorrectly, even the most luxurious skin care products could be partly wasted and unable to deliver their full potential. It may sound a little confusing to remember the best order in which to apply your oils, serums and creams, but it couldn’t be simpler.

Always apply any hydrating serum or moisturiser before your facial oil. Think of facial oil as outerwear for your skin; you wouldn’t wear a raincoat under a t-shirt and it’s the same for facial oils. Organic oils work as a nourishing, protective layer in your skin care regime and should be used as the last step to seal in all the goodness and moisture from your other products. Skin care products applied over a facial oil will be partly wasted as the oil acts as a barrier. I use the Green People Anti-Ageing Facial Oil a couple of times a week before bed, and my skin feels softer – it’s a lifesaver in winter weather! They’ve also brought out the even richer Age Defy+ Cell Enrich Facial Oil which I will be trying whenever mine runs out – the bottles last forever as a tiny bit of oil goes a long way.

5. Lock in moisture – quickly

Your skin starts to lose moisture just 30 seconds after showering, so lock in hydration by moisturising as soon as possible. Before you leave the bathroom, gently pat your skin dry (don’t rub or drag, it can make irritated skin worse) and then follow with a serum or moisturiser, next apply a few drops of facial oil and body oil to seal in as much hydration as possible. This is one of my most essential tips and I never travel anywhere without a good body moisturiser and oil.

Before getting dressed, gently pat yourself dry and use a high quality lotion like Green People Scent Free Hand & Body Lotion – perfect for even sensitive skin. For dryer patches on elbows or knees, or in winter I also love richer body butters like the new Fair Squared Shea Butter.

My favourites for dry skin:

Cleanser – Green People Age Defy+ Cleanse & Soothe Balm
Moisturiser – Green People Day Solution Anti-Blemish (I also use their Fruitful Nights Night Cream)
Facial Oil – Green People Anti-Ageing Facial Oil
Bath/Shower Gel – Green People Daily Aloe or Vitamin Shower Wash
Body Lotion – Green People Scent Free Hand & Body Lotion
Body ButterFair Squared Shea Butter or Tiana Organic & Fair Trade Coconut Oil (perfect for dry elbows!)

I’d love to hear your favourite products to care for dry skin, and if you’ve had any problems with eczema-prone or problem dry skin please do get in touch.

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