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Who are Traidcraft Exchange?

Traidcraft Exchange’s mission is to use the power of trade to create lasting solutions to poverty.

In theory, trade should be beneficial for everyone involved. As goods and money are exchanged everyone should benefit. However, in global trade this doesn’t happen. In a lot of cases global trade feeds the rich and exploits the poor and therefore traps people in poverty.

Everyone should be paid fairly for their work no matter which country you live in. When trade is done right, no one will live in poverty.

A fair income gives you freedom, security and hope for the future. It allows you to feed your family and educate your children and yet so many people are being denied a fair income around the world.

Due to this, Traidcraft Exchange exist to do two main things:

  • To support people to harness the benefits of trade
  • To fight against injustice in global trade

Traidcraft Exchange do a multitude of things to help achieve their mission and support people around the world.

Development Programmes

Traidcraft Exchange runs development programmes across Africa and South Asia to support poor and vulnerable people to get a better deal from trade.

It is often the case that the most powerful will take the highest share of value particularly when it comes to trade, while small-scale farmers and artisans struggle at the bottom of the chain.

Traidcraft Exchange strive to help the most vulnerable people to have a stronger voice, improve their production, and increase their incomes – so they can have a better future.

By helping producers and workers organise and form representative organisations they can have a stronger collective voice and power.

They also help to develop fairer supply chains by addressing inefficiencies, challenging unfair practices and facilitating dialogue and a sense of shared responsibility between key players across the whole chain.

They also seek to ensure that no one is left behind. Traidcraft Exchange take the time to analyse and address vulnerabilities that entrench poverty and exclusion within specific population groups, such as women, disabled people, youth, and specific caste identities in the South Asian context.


Traidcraft Exchange have and are running campaigns to truly make a difference. They have had several campaigning successes such as achieving more transparency within the tea sector. Their campaigning persuaded all 6 of the UK’s biggest tea brands to reveal their suppliers, down to the exact tea estate.

They have worked hard to ensure a fairer future for developing countries after Brexit. Thanks to the actions of thousands of campaigners, the government announced that products from the 48 least developed countries will continue to have duty-free access to the UK market after Brexit.

Through campaigning practices, Traidcraft Exchange also had a breakthrough for fairer supermarkets. Many supermarket chains fail to pay their suppliers on time or will change orders at the last minute. By speaking up for suppliers for a number of years, a new European directive has been issued which bans a variety of unfair business practices – which means farmers in developing countries who sell to big EU food businesses will be able to complain to a regulator if they are subjected to illegal treatment.

Policy and Advocacy

Traidcraft Exchange works to promote fairer trading rules and business practices around the world, as a means through which to tackle the underlying causes of poverty and injustice. They achieve this by influencing governments, businesses and international institutions.

They work hard to:

  • Carry out research into trade, investment and business practices
  • Lobby those with the power to make a difference
  • Work with their network of passionate supporters to campaign for change

At the moment, Traidcraft Exchange’s policy and advocacy currently focuses on some key issues such as fairer supply chains, responsible business and corporate accountability and international trade justice.

Traidcraft Exchange’s mission is simple but it is changing lives all over the world.

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