Ethical Christmas shopping guide – Great gifts for her

Here at Natural Collection we’re all about the holiday season. We also sympathise with those among you who are absolutely useless at Christmas shopping – me being one of them. Personally, I’ll just ask for links to things people want and that’s that, but really, there’s nothing surprising about being bought something you specifically asked for.

Thoughtful gifts are the best ones, and luckily we’re stocked up to the gills with thoughtful, ethical gifts for her that’ll help spread the cheer on Christmas morning. Here’s a breakdown of just some of the items that would make a great pressie for that special girl (be it your friend, girlfriend or even your mum).

Fabulous clothing

Getting clothes for Christmas can either be the worst thing ever or a great surprise that keeps you looking your best through the next few seasons. Make sure your gift is the latter and give the gift of style.

Whether it’s functional wear for bad weather or something that’s made to turn heads, Natural Collection offers an extensive range that is sure to please. Take a look at some of our wonderful suppliers for some gift ideas.


Pachamama combines style with ultra-snuggly materials to create something that’s going to look and feel amazing all the way through winter. The Hoxton collection is the perfect example of this from Pachamama’s gorgeous range.



FairTrade fashion at its finest; Nomads have made a name for themselves nationwide. Their gorgeous designs span across dresses, scarves, ponchos and more. This organic cotton Stella dressing gown is not only suitable for vegans, but it’s also stylish and oh-so comfy.


Formerly known as Braintree, Thought have wonderful designs made using viscose derived from natural bamboo which, if you’ve never worn bamboo before, is incredibly comfy. These Strata stripe Mori slacks are great for lounging around at home.


Whether it’s a harsh winter or a sun-scorched summer you’re preparing for, we have plenty of stylish ensembles available to keep any girl looking her best. Click here for a full view of our range.

Dazzling jewellery

If the person you’re buying for feels like there’s something missing from their ensemble, but can’t quite put their finger on what, surprise them with a brand new set of earrings. Jewellery brings a unique charm to any outfit and makes the ideal gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day and – you’ve guessed it – Christmas morning.

La Jewellery

All handcrafted and sporting a unique design, La Jewellery turns recycled materials into something truly beautiful. Whether its beaten silver or eye-catching brass, La Jewellery puts eco-friendly sensibilities first without compromising on aesthetic – with magnificent results.


Silverchilli are a non-profit organisation that help to fund the Tasquena Women’s and Children’s Centre by making and selling gorgeous jewellery. With earrings, bangles and necklaces available, these FairTrade delights add a great finishing touch to any outfit. These cascading Aztecas earrings are amazing as a Christmas gift.


Mosami jewellery is literally made with love, showcasing incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship; made with divine, eye-catching materials. These Frangipani stud earrings are just one example of the beautiful jewellery that we stock.



These examples will certainly turn some heads, but it is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to jewellery at Natural Collection Superstore. Click here to browse all of our divine accessories.

Beauty and skin care

Give the gift of healthy, pampered skin this Christmas with our extensive range of eco-friendly products. We supply products that are well suited for those with sensitive skin or those who are susceptible to ingredients like parabens or SLS.

BM Beauty

Founded by former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt, and creator of Love The Planet skincare products Laura McComiskie, BM deal in luxury cosmetics that are completely cruelty free. Approved by PETA and BUAV, these cosmetics leave you looking revitalised without parabens, synthetic dyes or other nasty chemicals. Add some colour with this rich Jewel lip gloss.

The Soap Co:

Although they have quite a simplistic name, there’s nothing basic about their products. Their range of lotions – available with a rich fragrance or no fragrance at all – uses natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals. This Geranium and Rhubarb lotion has a scent to die for.



We have gift sets from Fushi that are full of varied beauty oils, each with their own distinct aroma that’ll leave anyone with a breath-taking scent. This beauty oils gift set deals in a more exotic range of scents.

To browse our complete cosmetics and body care range, click here.

Sweet scents

Naturally, your home will be filled with the delicious scent of Christmas dinner cooking all day, but once that clears away the girl you’re buying for might want to fill the air with fresh roses or sweet oranges. Our range of intoxicating scented products is sure to create a calming atmosphere (and maybe even a romantic one).

Candles, the classic bath-side soother, are available in a wide variety of scents that’ll let anyone unwind after the stresses of entertaining family this Christmas.


Pacifica don’t just make cosmetics, they’re also experts when it comes to aroma. With scents like coconut, vanilla, fig and many more, their candles and diffusers are great for sprucing up the atmosphere of your home. Try something exotic with this Hawaiian Ruby Guava diffuser.

M & L London

These soy wax candles were made right here in the UK and release a range of exquisite aromas. This Samadhi Rose candle will fill any room with a floral scent. Each purchase also supports ‘Eaves: Putting Women First’, a charity that helps girls and women who have been subject to violence and abuse.

Vineyard Candles

Here’s a gift idea for the girl that likes her drinks. Vineyard makes bee-friendly soy-based candles that give off the fragrance of a classic alcoholic drink.

Here’s one for gin lovers – burn away and bottom’s up!

To browse a wider range of smellies, click here.

Treats for Chocoholics

A tasty selection of chocolates always makes a great gift for someone all year round, but seeing as its Christmas why not put some delectable chocolates in a stocking ready for the big day?

We stock loads of chocolatey delights from suppliers that hold official FairTrade certification and create products that cater to different dietary requirements. Vegetarians, vegans and those with allergies or Celiac disease can still tuck into something tasty after Christmas dinner has wrapped up.

Divine Chocolate

Divine have everything from chocolate thins and coins to old fashioned bars, with a world of incredible, eccentric flavours – both Christmassy and non-Christmassy, but all FairTrade! The 12 Bar Tasting Set is the perfect way to introduce her to the world of Divine Chocolate.


Montezuma make amazing chocolate delicacies using organic ingredients and cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic. Each product holds official certification from the Soil Association. Equip yourself for post-Christmas dinner with a box of their luxurious Christmas truffles.

Cocoa Loco

Yummy and free from wheat, gluten, nuts and palm oil, Cocoa Libre have plenty of sweet snacks that’ll whet anyone’s appetite. Get in the festive spirit with these dairy free Santa and reindeer.


This is just a taste (no pun intended) of the great chocolate gifts we have available this holiday season. Click here to browse all our tasty confectionaries.


Still undecided on what to get her for Christmas? We also have plenty of handy gift guides to help inspire your great gift ideas. We’re dedicated to being your one-stop shop for amazing gifts this holiday season!

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