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Brand Story: Bambu

Bambu was founded by Jeff Delkin and Rachel Speth. For nearly 20 years Bambu’s mission has been to reduce the use and reliance on plastic by providing people with beautiful, non-toxic products made from nature. Bambu produce a range of affordable and earth-friendly products for the kitchen and home such as utensils, bowls, straws, trays, cutting boards and many more. All their products are both distinctive and contemporary and made from renewable materials.

Bambu’s products are made in China where all materials are sourced locally. They also work with local woodworkers, weavers and stitchers to hand make their products. Bambu’s products are handcrafted so that they are safe and durable that will last and can withstand even the toughest use.

Bambu has a range of certified organic products, meaning they are both pesticide and chemical free. All their certified organic products are made from sustainably sourced bamboo. The bamboo grows and is harvested from wild groves and not farmed plantations. Bambu is also the only brand to offer certified organic bamboo products.

Every product that Bambu makes is made from natural, low-impact materials which include food safe oils, water-based adhesives, natural finishes and waste-water management practices in production. This also extends to their packaging where Bambu strives to use as little materials as possible when packaging their goods. There is a high level of care in the safety of their products which are all well-designed and high quality.

Bambu’s strong ethics also expands to their people. They are passionate about promoting fair labour practices and safe working conditions along with making their supply chains as green as possible. They have also been awarded the Green America Seal of Approval.

They have also partnered with several different organisations such as WWF and The Ocean Foundation. All Bambu’s partners are dedicated to restoring and protecting the environment and have a commitment to building healthy eco-systems.

Bambu’s range of products all stem from truly original designs, innovation and imagination.

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