Sustainable Nappies from Eco by Naty

Choosing the right nappies for your little one is important. Babies are so delicate and prone to rashes and often times it’s due to the chemical ingredients of cheap nappies. The nappy range from Eco by Naty has been designed to not only work without the toxic chemicals, but also lower your carbon footprint in the process.

Eco by Naty

The Eco by Naty range is based in cornstarch plastics as opposed to oil based plastics to lower the nappies impact on contribution to conventional plastic production. Naty are working hard to make these nappies as biodegradable as they can be. They’re currently 60% biodegradable, but with every new iteration of their nappies, Naty gets closer and closer to reaching that all-important 100% biodegradability goal.

Eco by Naty are working hard to cement their place as the best option for sustainable nappies. They’re dedicated to keeping the nastier ingredients out of nappies so they can return to the Earth in an environmentally-friendly manner; and these nappies are no exception.

Putting environmental impact to one side, many popular brand-name nappies contain chemical ingredients that can cause irritation. Dyes and fragrances are often the culprits; triggering allergic reactions and nappy rash. Naty’s nappies come completely free from fragrances and dyes and well as many other potentially harmful ingredients to keep baby happy and comfortable.

When other nappies would use chlorine, the Eco by Naty range uses oxygen-based molecules to further reduce the risk of rash. There’s no latex either, so there won’t be any allergic reactions based on latex proteins.

Eco by Naty nappies are free from oil-based plastics and other harmful chemical ingredients such as latex, chlorine, tributyltin and artificial fragrances; combining baby’s comfort with sensible, eco-friendly production. And, of course, Naty are categorically against the testing of products on animals; keeping all of their nappies – Eco included – cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.