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Supporting Whale & Dolphin Conservation

Did you know there are over 80 types of whales and dolphins? Whale and Dolphin Conservation (known as WDC) is the leading global charity dedicated to their conservation and protection. WDC defends these amazing creatures against the many threats they face – via campaigns, lobbying, conservation projects, advising governments, field research and animal rescue. Their vision is a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

We love their work and want to help support them, so you can now make a donation to WDC in our checkout charity donation area – all of the money donated goes directly to WDC.

“WDC is a passionate, global campaigner for whales and dolphins. We care about whales and dolphins and we want others to care about them too. Our core belief is that all whales and dolphins have the right to exist as nature intends, not as humans decide – to be able to live free from hunting, captivity, entanglement in fishing gear and nets, and to swim in clean, noise-free waters where boats won’t injure them. We also work to ensure protected, safe homes for whales and dolphins through designation of marine protected areas, and help campaign to grant individuals legally-recognised rights.”

Facts and figures:

  • An estimated 300,000 porpoises, whales and dolphins are killed by accidental bycatch (capture in fishing nets) each year.
  • At least 3,000 whales and dolphins are in captivity, forced to perform tricks for human ‘entertainment’. SeaWorld alone has 197 whales and dolphins in captivity at its various facilities – the famous film ‘Blackfish’ documented animal welfare abuses and problems with keeping these animals captive. WDC is active in campaigning against captivity and entertainment for whales and dolphins.
  • It’s estimated that 100,000 marine mammals and 1 million seabirds die every year as a result of plastic pollution and waste. A recently stranded sperm whale in Spain was found to have 17kg of plastic in its stomach, including supermarket shopping bags.
  • Some countries are still involved in whaling, despite no need for these creatures to be used as a food source and despite the amount of catch being ‘required for scientific study’ being highly disputed by conservationists and others.

How you can help:

Help WDC in their incredible work protecting these beautiful creatures, either via our checkout or by adopting! It makes a great gift idea. You can adopt a dolphin, orca or humpback whale to help give them a safer future.

Just for kids!

WDC also have a dedicated website for kids, with lots of information about whales, dolphins and porpoises, videos and even obtaining a ‘dolphin diploma‘ – ideal for teaching too!

Whale & Dolphin Conservation activities for kids

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