Method eco-friendly cleaning

Meet Method eco-friendly cleaning

We’re big fans of Method, and stock a wide range of their excellent eco-friendly cleaning, laundry and home products. As well as being stylish enough to want to keep on display instead of hiding in a cupboard, their range reflects their ethos of creating positive social and environmental change.

Biodegradable and responsible
They use the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ philosophy which informs how products are designed to be at every single stage of a product’s life – this ensures all materials are sourced, used and recycled safely with as little environmental impact as possible. They make their bottles from recycled plastic which is also recyclable, and use ingredients from renewable and plant-based materials that safely biodegrade instead of persisting in nature. They also make handy refills which cut down on even more packaging!

Method cleaning

Green building award
The new Method ‘South Side Soapbox’ manufacturing plant in Chicago has earned the privilege of being the industry‚Äôs very first LEED-platinum certified manufacturing facility, which is the premier standard in green buildings! Not only does it create jobs for local residents in a neighbourhood which struggled for years, but a host of green measures like a solar water heating system and a 75,000 square foot water-efficient greenhouse roof ensure that the whole place is as eco-friendly as possible.

Beach clean up
Method have also partnered with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii to clean up rubbish from beaches, shed light on ocean plastic waste and helped Project AWARE clean up, and they’ve even made bottles created from ocean plastic waste. Method are always looking for ways to raise awareness, reduce waste and help us clean up without impact, and we can’t wait to see what innovation they bring next!

What’s your favourite Method product?

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