Make your garden wildlife friendly

Do you want to make your garden more wildlife friendly? Now that it is Spring, it is the perfect time to get out in our gardens and make them a haven for wildlife. Below we have put some things you can do in your own garden!

Planting a Tree

By planting a tree in your garden you’re providing a range of benefits for wildlife. Trees can offer song perches, nesting sites, safe retreats, blossom, foliage and highways in the sky. They are a pivotal source of food and shelter for an array of wildlife. Additionally, trees also help to store carbon which in turn is helping to combat climate change.

Create highways and byways

We can all help wildlife by helping them to move about freely within our gardens. You can create safe corridors for wildlife such as hedgehogs to pass through by creating small holes in your fence and hedges. Make sure you check with your neighbours first!

Plant Poppy Seeds

Many pollinating insects, birds and bats can have a hard time to find food as many of their natural habitats are being destroyed. By planting poppies in your garden, you will be providing a lively and colourful feeding ground which will attract wildlife.

Grow bee-friendly flowers

You can help the bees by planting a wide variety of nectar rich flowers and shrubs. When choosing flowers and shrubs for your garden make sure you check if they are good for bees. Many plants that you buy at your local garden centre are no good for bees so it’s important to take notice of what you’re buying.

Create a log pile

You can use old, dead logs to create a home and feeding ground for insects, toads, newts, and bees. The rotting wood and flaking bark of the logs make them great places for a range of wildlife. At night these are great places for woodlice, snails and wood mice and if you put your log pile in a sunny spot this will be a great place for bees seeking nesting holes.

No matter how big or small your garden is there is something that you can do that will help support wildlife and bring them to your space.

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