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Brand Story: Olive Branch

Olive Branch is a Greek company that produce a range of products using classic Greek ingredients with a unique touch. Their olive oil is made on their family farm located in South East Crete. Not only that, they also make chunky olive tapenade, Greek mezze dips and a big range of marinated olives and antipasti.

Olive Branch was founded by Maria Koinaki. Born and raised in Crete, Maria’s family owned olive trees and as a child Maria would help with the annual olive harvest which involved hand picking fresh olives and helping her father take them to the local olive mill.

Growing up surrounded by olives, Maria decided to turn her father’s olive oil into a brand. She knew that everyone used olive oil out of the knowledge that it is good for you, but no one knows why; Maria wanted to change that.

Her home of Crete is the perfect place to grow the perfect olives. The Mediterranean climate and soil suit the growth of the olives perfectly. Due to this, Crete has the highest per capita consumer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil worldwide. Crete gets approximately 300 days of sunshine each year, creating the perfect environment for the fruit to flourish.

Olives eventually need the cold to bring on the successful development of the fruit; Crete’s mountainous terrain brings on a mild winter which is great for the ripening process. The original local mills have been developed into the community cooperatives designed to help the local people.

The koroneiki olive is used to create Olive Branch’s olive oil. This is the highest-quality Greek olive. These olives are picked at the stage when ripening begins as this is when the olive is at its optimum natural antioxidant content.

Olive Branch’s olive oil is also filled with health benefits from its fresh ingredients, which includes:

  • Low acidity
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Natural antioxidants
  • Natural source of vitamin E and K
  • Good for your heart

The traditional, Greek methods that go in to making Olive Branch’s products is what adds to its great taste. Not only that, the expertise behind the brand is passed on to the customers of Olive Branch’s products to the benefits of freshly grown olives and why they are good for us.

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