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Brand Story: GoodWeave

GoodWeave’s vision is a world that is free of child labour. Established 25 years ago, GoodWeave consists of an award-winning team of business-minded experts and advocates for social change dedicated to ending child labour, forced labour and bonded labour in global supply chains.

GoodWeave primarily operate within the rug industry but have now expanded to home textiles, apparel and fashion jewellery.

They work to lead an overall reduction in child labour as well as the freedom and education of these children. The holistic approach that they have aims to heal and educate children who have been exploited, whilst also underlying the root causes.

GoodWeave has established key methods in which they are trying to end child labour such as:

  • Widening the ambit of its original rug certification program to include as many partners as possible up and down the supply chain.
  • Raising the awareness of the issue amongst customers, importers, exporters, retailers and designers.
  • Reducing the prevalence in the carpet industry by 80% and directly rescuing children from looms and lives of servitude.

GoodWeave has a wealth of locally led and registered affiliates throughout South Asia, North America and Europe who all operate under the GoodWeave International umbrella helping them to achieve the aims they have put in place.

Additionally, the organisation has set up the GoodWeave standard. This is an assurance on behalf of importers and manufacturers that the goods they make, and sell have been produced without child labour, forced labour or bonded labour.

If an organisation complies with these standards this means that they have complete transparency within their supply chains which is verified by regular, unannounced inspections of all production facilities helped massively by GoodWeave’s affiliates all over the world.

You can identify if a company adheres to these standards by the GW label that appears on goods sold in the retail marketplace which signals to consumers that their purchase has been made ethically and also that the manufacturer is committed to children’s welfare, worker’s rights and strengthened worker communities.

All rugs that we sell on Natural Collection comply with the GoodWeave standard. Just like GoodWeave we think it is important to have transparency in supply chains and understand where the products we are selling have come from.

For more information on GoodWeave head over to their website.

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