Introducing Tyne Chease

I know so many people who have said they could never be vegan because they’d miss cheese too much. It’s understandable really because cheese is amazing. Thankfully the vegan cheese market is growing – we’ve even started selling it. Today I’d like to introduce our only vegan cheese brand – Tyne Chease.

Tyne Chease is a North East based company founded by Ami Tadaa. It is a family run company that uses traditional artisan methods to create delicious flavoured vegan cheese alternatives using organic ingredients.

Most of the cheeses have a cashew nut base with added natural flavours to make the perfect addition to a cheeseboard, or accompaniment to wine.

A new addition to the Tyne Chease range is the new creamed cheases. Again, these are cashew nut based with different flavours. Having tasted both the hard chease and creamed chease, I can confirm they are delicious!

We love supporting smaller companies, and Tyne Chease is closer to our heart because they are just down the road from us, and there’s nothing better than supporting local companies.

We currently offer Tyne Cheases in packs of five flavours, with the creamed cheese coming in packs of four for you to try!

What are your thoughts of Tyne Chease? Have you tried it? Does it look appealing to you? Let us know in the comments below!