Eco-Friendly Disposable Nappies from Bambo

It’s no secret that choosing reusable nappies for your baby is always going to be the better in terms of environmental impact – and with babies going through 5,000 nappies before they are toilet trained it’s really important to think of their effect on our planet. Of course what is best for you and your baby should always come first, and if reusable nappies are not always viable, try opting for the next best thing – eco-friendly nappies from Bambo!

First of all you’ll want to know how Bambo nappies are good for your baby. They are just as effective as well-known nappy brands meaning they are super absorbent and incredibly soft against sensitive baby skin. This means they are comfortable for your child to wear and will not leak when they go on little adventures! The nappies come in a range of sizes, including training pants, so they will stay with your child until they are fully toilet trained, and what’s more they have been dermatologically tested so you can be certain that they will not irritate the skin.

And what about Bambo’s environmental credentials? While disposable nappies are unlikely to ever be as eco-friendly as reusable nappies, at least these eco-friendly disposable are the next best thing. With a biodegradable core made with FSC certified materials, these nappies are a much more sustainable option than regular brands, and they have been developed to be thinner, thus using less materials to make them!

Bambo is dedicated to creating high quality environmentally friendly products for their customers, and since they make all their products in their own manufacturing plant in Denmark they have full control over the manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process, 95% of all product waste is re-used, with the remaining 5% is burnt for fuel in local communities. The company has also been accredited with the Nordic Swan Eco-Label, so you know they are meeting the strictest environmental standards.

Have you used Bambo Nature Disposable Nappies? Would you ever switch from disposable nappies to reusable? Let us know your thoughts below!