Healthy food and supplement tips for 2016

Healthy treats (after Christmas excesses!)

It’s easy to feel a little guilty when you’ve treated yourself to more mince pies than vegetables over the festive period, but it’s easy to get back to a balanced diet with healthy treats that you’ll enjoy. Here’s a few of our favourites.

Loooqs brilliantly stylish juicer bottles help you drink more water in a tasty and healthy way, without the hassle. You can make your own fruity water easily, saving plastic bottles – plus it’s fresh so retains more vitamins.

Aduna Baobab and Moringa are tasty superfood powders that are easy to add to smoothies, juices, and more. Packed with vitamins and minerals they’re a convenient way to get more of what you need and support your immune system.

Spruce up your salads with your own seed sprouter – grow your own nutritious beans, fresh and on demand for pennies per serving!

James White Beet It is concentrated beetroot juice and sports shots, that pack the amazing nutritional benefits into a convenient drink. With properties that are proven to lower blood pressure and promote stamina for sports, it’s on every fitness nut’s list.

Good Hemp protein is a plant-based, healthy protein powder perfect for whisking up a post workout shake or simply adding more protein to your diet. It’s a complete plant protein made from 100% raw hemp seeds with a huge 47% protein, 21% fibre and rich Omega 3. It’s 100% allergen free and 100% natural, nothing added.

EasiYo is a big hit in the NC office – a fantastic, and easy, way to make your own healthy yoghurt to your liking. With a huge range of flavours and low fat natural options, there’s something for everyone.

Treat yourself with delicious and healthier raw chocolate from the likes of iQ Superfood Raw Chocolate, The Raw Chocolate Co., and Ombar – it’s all about balance, after all!

Terranova supplements give you a 100% natural boost where you need it, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Enjoy your healthy journey in 2016, and let us know your favourite products!

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