How to have an ethical festival

How to have an ethical festival

We’re thrilled to welcome Jess Efford of Waterless Ltd – who make our great products Nilaqua and Zerreau – for this guest post about ethical festival fun.

Are you all set for your summer festival, but have you thought about what impact this has on the environment? Noise pollution, electricity, litter, nature, the list is endless. Festivals can only do so much with recycling, however here are some top tips to help you do your bit….

  • Every morning take your rubbish over to the recycling bins before the day begins. You would be amazed at how many people do not.
  • Take reusable knives, forks, plates and collapsible bowl for cooking, instead of buying every day and binning all that extra plastic with trays and forks.
  • Only bring what you need and make sure you don’t leave anything behind.
  • Take solar powered chargers for your appliances, or try going off-grid for a weekend without your phone!
  • Instead of plastic bags take paper bags or reusable cotton bags that can be taken home and reused for when you shop around the stalls.
  • Bring reusable water bottles and use filling stations which are often free. This will also keep you hydrated and less likely to end up in A&E.
  • NEW Zerreau is a great ‘towel off’ shampoo that cleans hair effectively without water or rinsing, and is kinder to your hair and scalp than traditional dry shampoo.

Nilaqua and Zerreau waterless products

Nilaqua is also perfect for festival days and camping (no worrying about grubby festival loos!) – their NHS-approved Hand Sanitiser kills 99.9999% of bacteria, is food safe and gentle on your skin. Try it with 20% off until 20th June 2017!

Hopefully this should help you keep a clear conscience at festivals – if you have any other tips for an ethical festival, let us know!

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