It’s Time for a Fashion Revolution

Five years have passed since the Rana Plaza disaster, which killed 1,138 people and injured 2,500 more. The Rana Plaza building was a five story building housing garment factories for big global brands, and the victims were mostly young women.

Since that day, the people behind the Fashion Revolution movement have called for an overhaul of the fashion industry, to make sure the exploitation of people comes to an end, and to ensure production methods respect our environment.

We make sure to work with fashion brands who are very open about their supply chains, and who are proud to show off their ethical credentials. Our fashion brands work closely with producers to ensure ethical production standards are being met, and many are made in Fair Wear Foundation certified factories, or are certified Sweatshop Free.

Read more about some of our biggest Fair Trade Fashion suppliers below.

For ten years Thought have been working with the same partners in China. During this time they’ve been able to create and maintain a strong, working relationship and ensure they can visit the factories two to three times a year. Thought have always supported slow fashion by creating timeless pieces designed to last.

In the beginning, Thought (formerly Braintree Clothing) exclusively used hemp to make all of their clothes, and at the time China was the go-to place for the best quality hemp. Over time, as China continued to develop eco-fabrics, Thought have stayed with their original partners and source all of their natural, sustainable and recycled fabrics from China.

The brand are also conscious of their carbon footprint, which is why every piece of each collection is made in the same country, ensuring it is not moved from place to place. When the time comes for transportation, Thought use slow shipping methods which have less of an impact on the environment.

Thought want each piece of clothing they produce to have it’s own story that lasts a long, long time. That’s why their clothes are lovingly made and designed to last, and they want you to wear them over and over again, repairing when necessary and handing down to family members when you grow out of them, so they don’t end up alone and forgotten on a landfill site.

View our range of ethically made clothing from Thought.


People Tree have always been committed to having a 100% fair trade supply chain, and purchase the majority of their products from marginalized producer groups in the developing world. This allows them to support efforts towards economic independence for garment workers.

They have been registered as a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation since 1996, and have always worked with fair trade cotton farmers, producers, garment workers and artisans in the developing world. Being a member of WFTO means the brand must (and do) adhere to the 10 Fair Trade Standards outlined by the organisation:

People Tree have always supported the Fashion Revolution Movement, and in 2013 after the Rana Plaza disaster urged people to join the Rag Rage Campaign. Since then they have hosted various Fashion Revolution Day events and continue to take part in the #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign which calls on consumers to ask companies who made their clothes.

Find your perfect fair trade outfit from People Tree.


Komodo are another leading ethical brand we have worked closely with for many years. They trade fairly with factories in Nepal, China, Indonesia and Turkey, factories which they regularly visit and make sure their Code of Conduct is being followed.

This code of conduct not only protect garment workers and ensures good workplace conditions, it also ensure the environment is given the respect it deserves.

Ambika, Shanti, Amrita, Bindu – Hemming – Kathmandu

Komodo’s Employment Ethics ensure no child labour or forced labour is used in any factory, there is no exploitation of the work force, that factories do not discriminate against any employees, worker’s rights are a top priority with regular meetings held to address any grievances, a living wage is paid and that factories have addition employee benefits.

Komodo are also proud to support the Fashion Revolution Movement, urging customers to ask the question #WhoMadeMyClothes.

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Nomads have been a Fair Trade Fashion Pioneer for almost thirty years, creating stylish, comfortable and flattering clothing that respects people and nature.

As a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) and the Ethical Fashion Forum (ETF), Nomads are committed to following an ethical and Fair Trade policy. The directors visit the factories in India at least twice a year, with other members of the team regularly traveling to India to develop collections with Indian artisans.


View our Nomads collection.

Ethletic vegan & fair trade trainers are made with Fairtrade Certified cotton sourced from Fairtrade producers, and the shoes are made in factories that follow ethical, fair trade practices.

The brand ensure workers are paid a fair wage, work in good conditions and they pay a voluntary fair trade premium for social projects in the local communities.

Ethletic work very closely with the factory owners and workers to ensure their fair working standards are being met, and they get to know each and every worker, creating a strong, lasting relationship based on respect for everyone involved in the process.

The below infographics also show the transparency of the Ethletic supply chains, they don’t have any nasty secrets to hide, and are a pround pioneer of Fairtrade, ethically made trainers.

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Join the Fashion Revolution Movement and askĀ  who made your clothes!

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