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Maemara – Sustainable Homeware

We are delighted to introduce Maemara onto the site with a beautiful range of new sustainable homeware. Founded in 2019, Maemara is a brand with a conscience, founded by three earth and ocean-loving individuals – Hannah, Alan and Jane. Their gorgeous cushions are both stylish and sustainable, made with 100% recycled materials both inside and out.

Maemara - Ocean-  Earth - Home

Maemara is different from other homeware producers and was founded with a mission to redirect ocean and landfill-bound plastic and turn a hazardous waste product into beautiful scatter cushions.

More than 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute across the globe and only 9% of all plastic waste produced is being recycled – the rest ends up in the ocean, landfills, and the wider natural environment.

We all know the problem; 8 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in our oceans every year, 236,000 tonnes of micro plastic enter our oceans every year, harming marine and human health as they enter the food chain. Floating ‘islands’ of plastic are harming and killing marine life. If humans keep polluting at the current rate, scientists have calculated that by 2048 the water will contain more plastic than fish.

So where can cushions come into this?

Maemara, take used plastic bottles, the plastic bottles are broken up and formed into flakes, from which we obtain 100% recycled yarn. This yarn is then weaved into the fabrics which make their range of groovy homeware items.

A little innovation and a lot of love have gone into creating six, hand-drawn, original designs; all inspired by the wonders of the oceans and earth. 45cm x 45cm All Maemara cushions are made from 100% recycled fabric and filling.

All cushions are made from 100% recycled fabric and filling, 40+ plastic bottles are prevented from entering the ocean and landfill per cushion!

Ocean Friends

Maemara Ocean Friends Cushion
Maemara Ocean Friends Cushions
Ocean Friends Cushions

Featuring adorable creatures from the ocean – these fun, vibrant designs will keep both little ones and adults entertained for hours.

Earth Friends

Earth Friends Cushions

Featuring adorable creatures from the earth – these fun, vibrant designs will keep both little ones and adults entertained for hours.


Botanics Cushions
Botanics Cushions

Our tropical leaf design resonates across bold colour schemes, offering a style which is inspired by nature, and created to protect it.

Maemara Wave Cushion
Maemara Wave Cushions
Wave Cushions


Maemara Herring Cushion
Maemara Herring Cushions
Herring Cushions

Our statement design – a confident and bright addition to any room, with its roots based on the famous fish bone style.


Maemara Fusion Cushion
Maemara Fusion Cushions
Fusion Cushions

A vivid combination of shapes and shades; representing the sails of a boat, the wing of a bird or the distant horizon.

All of Maemara’s designs are available as fabric by the metre.

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